Zulen Tek

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Zulen Tek

Gender/Species: Male Human
Homeworld: Zebulon Beta, Vargis Tau System
Class/Level: Scoundrel 4 / Jedi 3
Role: Force-sensitive mechanic.
Player: User:NukeHavoc

Zulen is a former Arkanian slave, one who was trained for a variety of mechanical tasks including weapons, computers, and starship maintenance. He escaped from his master during a trip outside of the Perave System, and has been working odd engineering jobs ever since. Yet, they are not entirely random.

Sensative to the Force, he’s been following its impulses almost instinctively. They have led him to his first job aboard the Aeon Harrier … and the sudden appearance of several Jedi padawans from the Unified Force Academy on Zebulon Beta These have led to his first real-friends away from his old slave life and to the unthinkable: a major role in the founding a new corporation: Binary Transports, Inc..

Zulen struggles with post-slave life; his master was an arrogant, abusive lord, and although Zulen was able to escape from him, he has not yet outrun a lifetime of impulses imprinted by his servitude. He continues to defer to Trenn “Highlife” Zentine, CEO of Binary and the captain of the company's new ship, the Infinite Regress He struggles to embrace that the concept that his crewmates accept him as an equal, and although he's been trying to fight the reflex, he still tends to call them "Master" or "Sir".

He's in awe of the Jedi ... but also fearful of them as well. His own connection to the Force is instinctive and often emotional; he reaches out with it to summon needed tools to him while working in the depths of the ship, but also has been known to lash out with it when his friends are in extreme peril. Both impulses conflict with the Jedi way, and he fears what this might mean to his future independence. He has constructed his own hodgepodge lightsaber out of spare parts. It's neo- yellow blade takes a takes long seconds to ignite, and even then its flickers unevenly. The Jedi padawans were surprised by his creation, and their reactions have made him all the more worried that they might press him into service as a member of the Order. He has not yet ruled out joining the Jedi -- indeed, some days he dreams of it -- but his former slave self, the one who rebelled against his master and fled aimlessly into the night -- recoils at the thought of owing absolute fealty to anyone ever again.