Zebulon Prime

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  • Zebulon-prime.jpg
    Distance: 150,000,000 km
  • Radius: 6402 km Density: 1.17 Gravity: 1.17G
  • Orbit Period: 355.08 days Rotation: 30 hrs Mean Temp: 308K/35C
  • Atmosphere: 1.03 atm (N2 78.1%, O2 20.09%, Ar 0.09%, CO2 0.03%)
  • Water/Ice Index: 30
  • Habitable
  • Population: 1,000
  • Star System: Vargis Tau System

Zebulon Prime is a large world of hot oceans and steaming, oppressive jungle located in the Vargis Tau System. It is part of the Zebulon binary planet; its sister planet to the more hospitable agricultural colony of Zebulon Beta. Notoriously ferocious wildlife and flora, coupled with a dangerously hot climate, make any habitation or industry on The Prime dangerous and highly problematic. Some resource-gathering enterprises subsist, reaping benefits from the substantial risk, but barring infrequent scientific exploration, few inhabitants of Zebulon ever visit its verdant surface.


There are no permanent settlements on Zebulon Prime, but there are a number of temporary base camps used for exploration, mining, and resource gathering. There are three corporations currently operating on Zeb Prime:

  • Starrior Exploration Corporation: A small concern focused on exploring frontier worlds, identifying new resources, and selling those reports to the highest bidder.
  • AMF (Astro Mining and Freighting): A growing corporation that began as a mining company, but grew into freight to meet its own transportation needs. It is reportedly experimenting with a new form of field generator designed to protect mining operations on the inferno world of Zeb I.
  • Czerka Corporation: A galaxy spanning corporation which has recently taken an interest in the unique mineral composition of Zeb Beta’s soil, as well as the biodiversity of Zeb Prime. It has established offices in Jolus, and is actively recruiting scouts, miners, and farmers interested in working with it.