Zebulon Beta

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  •  Distance: 700,000 km (from Zebulon Prime)
  • Radius: 5811 km Density: 1 Gravity: 0.91G
  • Orbit Period: 355.08 days Rotation: 24 hrs Mean Temp: 302K/29C
  • Atmosphere: 0.83 atm (N2 78.1%, O2 20.09%, Ar 0.09%, CO2 0.03%)
  • Water/Ice Index: 53.6
  • Habitable
  • Population: 20,000

Zebulon Beta is one half of the binary planet of Zebulon, located in the Vargis Tau System.

Due to its complex orbital dance with Zebulon Prime, “Zeb Beta” loses one day of sunlight every two months, dropping the temperature of the planet 50 degrees and treating the inhabitants to 75 hours of darkness and snowy chill – a fact of life that Beta denizens have always called simply, the Darkness. Zebulon Beta is otherwise a temperate, fertile, and rather resource-rich world, similar in climate to Dantooine. Due to their ecological foresight, this colonized world enjoys an unusually pure fresh water supply. Moreover, the world is also rich in mineral content. Even though most of the minerals are highly dispersed and difficult to harvest, the side effect is atypically rich soil and a booming agricultural industry.