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Zebulon is a binary planet in the Vargis Tau System in the Outer Rim. It consists of two worlds -- Zebulon Prime and Zebulon Beta -- which rotate around a center of gravity in space. Both planets are of roughly the same mass, but Zebulon Beta is the smaller and denser of the two (and home to many trace minerals defused through its crust). Zebulon Prime's honey-combed core makes it the larger of the two worlds. It is dominated by a world-wide jungle, and is prone to massive cyclonic storms.

The Zebulon system was first discovered 300 years ago by human explorers, and colonized not long after. Drawn by rumors surrounding the binary planet’s ruins, the Jedi began exploring the system soon after. After finding the ruins known as the Great Citadel on Zeb Beta, the Jedi established their academy 150 years ago. When exploration reports reached the Core Worlds, settlers noted Zebulon Beta’s potentially rich sil, and began travelling there intent on homesteading. Over the last 200 or so years a thriving agriculture community has emerged on the planet.

The planets were home to an ancient, now-extinct culture of four-armed reptilian humanoids known as the Zebians. These humanoids left stone temples, cities, and other relics. Some of these ruins are built on intense nexuses of the force, leading many in Zebulon’s Jedi enclave to believe that the aliens were ruled by powerful Force adepts. The enclave has sponsored a number of expeditions to Zebulon Prime in search of new ruins, believing that the Zebians originated from the larger world. A powerful holocron, known on the Holocron of Zend, was discovered by the Sith known as the Dark Lady Aldera on Zebulon Prime. It was later recovered by Jedi belonging to the Unified Force Academy on Zebulon Beta and is currently being studied by the researchers and archivists there.

While traces of the alien race have been found elsewhere in the system, there is no record of their civilization in the galactic lore. This has led many to believe that the species never achieved interstellar travel, or if they did so, it was long millenia before the Great Hyperspace War.

  • Game HIstory: Zebulon is a nod Star Frontiers the classic TSR science fiction RPG. There were three modules published for the game set on the frontier world of Zebulon and while our Zebulon is radically different from the Star Frontiers one, we though it was a nice nod to SF gaming history.