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  • Gender/Species: Male? / Unknown
  • Class: Scoundrel ?
  • Role: Hacker/Slicer
  • Homeworld: Taris ?

Zaxor is an arrogant, but talented, slicer believed to be based on Taris, but selling his services to pirates, gangsters and other criminals throughout the Outer Rim. His signature tagline, often left in code he’s uploaded to compromised computer systems is “Haxed by Zaxor”.

He is known to have worked for the pirate lord Ral Duris when he was based in the Vargis Tau System; the slicer cut his way into the planetary satellite and information systems, piggybacking on the former so that the pirates could communicate insystem and altering the later to cover up evidence of their bases on Zebulon Prime.