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|home =[[Zebulon Beta]]
|home =[[Zebulon Beta]]
|c/l = Nonheroic 2
|c/l = Nonheroic 2
|role = Astromech droid owned by [[Binary Transports, Inc.]]
|role = Utility droid owned by [[Binary Transports, Inc.]]

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Gender/Species: Droid (2nd-degree)
Homeworld: Zebulon Beta
Class/Level: Nonheroic 2
Role: Utility droid owned by Binary Transports, Inc.

While at the Junkard on Ryloth, RGE-3 was destroyed. As Highlife and Zulen Tek searched for replacement parts to rebuild him, they ran across some main parts for a Duwani Mechanical Products T3-Series Utility Droid, and a navigation module. Finding other various utility droid parts they decided to add the parts to their purchase as a side project for Zulen. After much practice on other droids, Zulen finally got around to building ZT-01. Thus Binary Transports, Inc. gained an astromech droid.

Because he's not really built from any one specific droid, he was dubbed "ZT-01" in honor of his creator.


See page 82 of the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide for base stats. Zulen has added in a astronavigation module, plus some other TBA accessories.