Xarlat Nebula

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A planetary nebula surrounding the dying red giant Xarlat A and it’s white dwarf companion star, Xarlat B. The system is not far from Yavin, now deep in Mandalorian space. It was the site of the Battle of Xarlat during the False War, which saw Republic's Victory task force destroyed by Mandalorian raiders.

System Details

The Xalrat Nebula
The Xarlat Nebula consists of a huge, wispy nebula outgassed by the atmosphere of the red giant Xarlat A. The gas clouds of the nebula are a blessing to the ships that take refuge in them … and potentially a curse as well. The clouds offer concealment (-2 to attack rolls) to any ship’s within 2 squares of the edge of a cloud. They also offer total concealment (-5 to attack rolls, can’t target ship directly, and -10 to perception checks) for those deeper in the gas clouds. There is down side however. The clouds are beautiful but destructive, abrading starship shields and potentially damaging important systems as they seep through the ship’s protective barrier.

Xarlat A and B

The dying star Xarlat A is orbited by a white dwarf companion, Xarlat B. As the stars at the center of the Xarlat Nebula revolve around one another, material from the red giant Talrax A falls into the white dwarf Talrax B, creating surging stellar winds. These winds contain searing ion energy that can be dangerous to starships and droids, but also illuminates the nebula’s gas clouds.

Xarlat I ("Deadworld")

The system contains a single planet, Xarlat I, which was once a gas giant, but saw its atmosphere boiled off as the red giant entered its death throes. All that remains now is its black, carbonized core, which is approximately three times the size of the Earth. Its known to the few fringers who've explored the system as "Deadworld" and provides one of the few safe areas in the system as the ionizing radiation from the system's stars surges around the planet, leaving a protective lee in its wake. It was in this lee that the remains of the Victory fleet were found.


The Victory, a Hammerhead-class cruiser
Xarlat is a remote system of little interest to anyone other than the occasional pirate or smuggler. That changed briefly during the False War when the republic cruiser Victory met her end there.

The Victory was part of a Republic task force charged with tracking down pirates and Mandalorian raiders on the frontier. She was a Hammerhead-class cruiser (315 meters in length, or slightly more than 3 football fields). Her task force consisted of two Praetorian-class frigates, and six escort destroyers. This sizable force was smashed after the Mandalorians attacked a number of nearby worlds and then fled, luring the overconfident Republic ships to the Xarlat Nebula and their doom.

The final battle took place in the lee off one of the few stable, shielded places within the nebula: the black, carbonized core of one of the system’s gas giants, now known as the “Dead World”. The pitch black core – the size of three Earths – deflected much of the incoming ionized gas, protecting the remains of the fleet. The swirling gases around the giant create a mini-maelstrom that provided cover for approaching ships.

Eight years after the battle the grey market company DeadStar Salvage found the derelict task force and began stripping the carcasses of weaponry to be sold on the black market. Most of the Victory’s weapons were stripped, but a dual heavy turbolaser cannon, a quad lasser cannon and a tractor beam remain. The ship itself sustained heavy damage and hull ruptures, making it impossible for the vessel to retain atmosphere.

All of the destroyers were critically damaged and were almost beyond salvage. A handful of weapons and core systems have been removed from them, but they were largely adrift. The task force’s fighter contingent was similarly smashed.

The two Praoetorian-class frigates faired better. The Defender and the Valiant were disabled during the battle, and their crews killed, but the Defender’s systems were repairable. DeadStar Salvage, eager to add another ship to their black market fleet (especially one with starfighter capacity), have spent the six months repairing the ship by cannibalizing parts from the Valiant. Their plans were interrupted when a Republic task force sent to investigate the black market sale of Victory weaponry discovered the operation.

Stellar Hazards

Surging Stellar Winds

Ion Charges / CL 8
Trigger A vehicle begins its turn in a nebula.
Attack +12 vs. Reflex Defense
Damage 6d10x2 ion damage.
Recurrence Every 1d4+4 rounds

  • Mechanics (DC 24) The hero reconfigures the shield generators to weather the ion storm. The ship’s shield rating is considered to be double for resisting ion damage.
  • Piloting (DC 19) or Computer Use (DC 24) The hero successfully guesses (Pilot) or calculates (Computer Use) the next ion surge, granting a +2 bonus to Reflex Defense.

Illuminated Gas Clouds

Nebula Gas Clouds / CL 8
Trigger A vehicle begins its turn in a nebula cloud
Attack +12 vs. Fortitude Defense
Damage 6d6x2 and the vehicle moves -1 step on the condition track
Recurrence Hourly if in light clouds, every 15 minutes if within heavy clouds

  • Mechanics (DC 24) In light clouds, for 1 hour, the character staves off the effects of nebula dust and gases (described below). The character can attempt another check each hour for as long as the vehicle remains within the nebula. In heavy clouds, the check lasts 15 minutes.


  • The dust and gases from the nebula might affect a vehicle’s systems. If the hazard’s attack roll exceeds the vehicle’s systems becomes unavailable (see "System Damage" p. 14 Starships of the Galaxy) and cannot be repaired until the vehicle leaves the nebula.