Visions of the Future

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  • Game Date: One Week Day Later
  • Real World Date: 10/30/09

The Crawl

Episode 6, Chapter 6

Visions of the Future

Victory in the Ghostwalk Cluster! The combined starships of Binary Transport, Starrior Expeditions, the Unified Force Academy and the bounty hunter Koth killed the pirate lord Ral Duris, destroying his flagship The Obsidian Phoenix with all hands. They have also smashed his starfighter squadron and gunship, leaving nothing but wreckage floating through the serene Rock Garden of the Qualis.

Their triumph did not come without cost. The Starrior Expeditions freighters were destroyed in the fight, and while a few of the crew were able to make it to escape pods, their leader Korinth Cloudskimmer was not one of them.

The pirates defeated, the heroes have turned their attention to their looming futures. Knighthood awaits the padawans back on Zebulon Beta, while the Deadender Rally awaits Highlife and his Binary Transport cohorts back in the Ord Mantell system...

Chapter Summary

“You have done well, my padawans,” says Master Queil, leader of the Unified Force Academy. “Exceptionally well in fact. You have fought Sith, bested pirates, and done it all even while losing Master Varri. But there is one last test that you must undertake. Deep within this citadel, there is a great and ancient cavern, one that dates back to the ancient Zebians. It is a temple of sorts, and a place that is strong in the Dark Side. There you must go and confront your greatest fears … and the future that lies beyond them.”

The Jedi Masters – Queil, Ren Denobis, Edan Photona and Qillon Kree – lead you into the great caverns that lie beneath the Citadel of Kal-Jor. You find yourselves among crystalline pillars that echo the alien structures you saw within the Spires of Xax. But it is not your familiarity with that cursed place that fills your minds with dread, or at least, not that alone. The pillars resonate strongly with the Dark Side, so strongly that you swear you can see shadows skulking past in their glimmering depths.

“Each of you must walk among the pillars,” Qillion Kree says, “and face the futures that might be. Dark futures. Terrible futures. When you emerge, you, not we, will decide if you are ready to become Knights of the Jedi Order.”

The Destruction of Malachor V

The Mandalorian home world of Malachor V fills the screen. Mandalorian, Jedi and Republic starships tear at each other with all manner of weapons. The Zabrak tech specialist Bao-Dur views the destruction with immense sense of sadness as he stands on the bridge of the Republic flagship. “So many have died to get to this point,” he says. “And so many more will soon join them.”

You are Maddox, Jedi Knight. A veteran of the Mandalorian Wars, you were there when the Mandalorians landed on Taris. You saw the nuclear devastation of Serroco. You witnessed the twin planets of Zebulon crash into one another, shattering the world you’d come to call home. So much pain. So much destruction. Punishing the Mandalorians for their atrocities isn’t revenge. It’s justice.

Standing before you is a great Jedi general, the one who led you to this point. The one whom Malak and Revan could count on to carry out their most terrible task.

And you know it is terrible. If fired, the mass shadow generator will smash every ship around you into Malachor V and crush every man, woman and child on the planet’s surface. You can sense the order will come at any moment; victory is at hand. Justice is at hand.

But at what price? And can you silence your conscience long enough for the general to issue his order?

The answer was yes ... as it had to be. You agreed to the horrible destruction, knowing it would prevent far worse death and chaos in the future.

Quest Fios at Time’s End

You are Quest Fios, Jedi Knight. The Maelstrom rages behind you, the black hole consuming the skins of a half-dozen suns in a fury of radiation. Somewhere in that churning hell the Infinite Regress, the Cloudskimmer and the Aeon Harrier are fighting for their lives against the battle cruisers of the Sith Ascendency.

You stand in the central altar room of the Temple of Infinity, an ancient Zebian construct that rides the gravitational tides of the Maelstrom. The strange alien crystal of the temple’s walls protects you from the inferno outside, but radiation is the least of your concerns.

The corpse of Lornn Varri lies before you, slain by the Dark Lady Aldera. Reaching out with the Force, you can sense your fellow Jedi Knights Maddox and Rade Gasa, still trapped in a side corridor, still fighting through a horde of Sith in an desperate effort to reach the altar room.

The Dark Lady stares as you, sneering as her stark, beautiful face is illuminated by the inferno outside. She does not attack; her master will not let her.

Darth Noblis, master of the Sith knowledge cult you’ve been hunting for years, descends a flight of stairs, stepping past the fallen Jedi Knight’s corpse. He draws back the hood of his black-stitched, silver robes, allowing you to experience the true intensity of his gleaming white Arkanaian eyes.

“You have done well Quest Fios. You have surpassed an entire generation of Jedi. And now you have found your way to to me. The time has come Quest Fios … join us, and allow your knowledge of the Force to be complete.”

As the Sith Lord speaks, another voice echoes in your mind. A familiar yet alien one. Zend. These humans offer you nothing but corruption and death the keeper of the holocron says silently. I can give you true insight into the nature of the universe. Open your mind to me Learner … and I will show you the true power of knowledge…

I can give you Quest unimaginable power. The power to cause a black hole to appear within Darth Noblis’ skull. To destroy the entire structure. To teleport back to the Republic, and rule it with a thought.

You know what you must do. Neither path can be followed or accepted. Instead, you must accept your destiny ... and be struck down by the red lightsabers of the Sith rather than give into corruption.

Into the Mind Storm

You are Rade Gasa, and Sith before you prowls menacingly in his cell, cuting off from you and the rest of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave by a force field. Once, before the Mandalorian Wars, before Malak and Revan, he was a padawan named Arlin Brightstar. Now he’s a Sith apprentice who calls himself Draconis, a proud lieutenant in the army of the Dark Lords.

Like Revan and Malak, he turned to the Dark Side for all the right reasons. Like them, redemption seems impossible. Unless Bastilla’s plan works…

Jedi Knight Bastilla Shan steps forward, her hand brushing the force field. As sparks ripple across it, she turns to you. “I tell you, it is the only way to break the power of the Sith Lords. Revan’s heart is true, he’s only lost his true self. To rediscover it, he must first unlearn the ways of the Sith. He must unmake himself. There is no way that he will willingly do this, but through the Force, we can shatter his mind, and re-forge the goodness that remains.”

“Agreed, this course of action is.” Vandar Tokare says. The Jedi Master looks at the assembled enclave. “But before this risk is taken, prove it will work we must.”

Bastilla turns to you, as you knew she would. Your mind is in turmoil … Bastilla proposes sending a strike team to capture Revan and to bring him back to Dantoine. Here he will be turned to the light side, not through reasoned argument or passionate debate, but by erasing his mind. How is this not the quick and easy path? you wonder. Is this not the same debate I’ve had with myself a thousand times – do I convince someone to agree with me based on the merits of my arguments … or do I just bend their minds to my will?

“It is time,” she says. “Are you ready?”

"No," you say, "I reject this. It is ... it is not right. Free will must mean something, or we are all lost. His soul is given over to the Dark Side, but he must choose to come back to the light; we can't force him." You ignite your lightsaber, ready to stand your ground against the assembled masters.

Your determination gives them pause. Second glances pass amongst them. Bastilla nods slowly. "Perhaps you are right. Perhaps we can convince him to walk back to the Light on his own. Perhaps, together, we can convince him..."

You extinguish your lightsaber. The true trial of wills is about to begin.


With the future confronted and the tests passed, the Jedi padawans are led to the Great Courtyard of the Unified Force Academy, where they are formally knighted by the assembled grandmasters. It is a ceremony that is greeted with cheers by the hundreds of Jedi, padawans and Zebulon Beta natives who've assembled in the courtyard.

Experience & Rewards

  • All heroes are now 7th level.
  • All padawans are now promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight.


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