Verro Vahn

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Verro was an unremarkable member of a Zabrak colony, traveling the galaxy, eventually ending up in an Echani encampment where he learned some hand-to-hand fighting techniques. His encampment was conquered by a clan of Mandalorians, and after a brief hold-out where his fighting skills were apparent, he was offered to join the clan or be killed by their superior numbers. He joined, and has been part of Clan Olan since. Verro is rarely seen without his armor and helmet on, to the point were even some members of the Clan forget that he's not human, or how many horns he has on his head, etc. This seems to please Verro.


Verro Vahn, male Zabrak Soldier 8

Str 18 (+4), Dex 14 (+2), Con 16 (+3), Int 10, Wis 12 (+1), Cha 8 (-1) Move 6, HP: 89, BAB: +8, FP: 8, DT: 30 Fort: 25, Ref: 21, Wil: 20

Zabrak traits: Heightened Awarness (reroll Perception), Superior Defenses (+1 all defenses) Soldier traits: Weapon Prof (simple, pistol, rifle), Armor Prof (light, med), +2 Fort, +1 Ref

Talents: Weapon Specialization (unarmed), Melee Smash, Penetrating Attack (unarmed), Devastating Attack (unarmed) Feats: Weapon Focus (unarmed), Martial Arts I, Echani Training, Martial Arts II, Mighty Swing, Improved Damage Threshold, Martial Arts III

Trained Skills: Endurance (+12), Jump (+13), Pilot (+11) Other Skills: Initiative (+6), Perception (+7)

Equipment and Gear: Mandalorian Combat Suit (with jetpack, internal commlink, helmet package, 5 upgrade slots) Light Energy Shield SR10 Combat Gloves Blaster Carbine All-Temp Cloak Utility Belt Bandolier (with power packs)

Languages: Zabrak, Basic, Manda'o

Combat Stats: Unarmed Strike: attack +13, damage 1d10+16 (2d10+16 with Mighty Swing) Blaster Carbine: attack +10, damage 3d8+4