Vargis Tau System

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Vargis Tau is an orange sun in the prime of its steller life located in the Outer Rom. It’s slightly cooler than the Earth’s Sun, but also slightly larger.

The system’s inner most planet is a rocky, terrestrial world, rich in metals but all-but-inaccessible becuse of its extreme proximity to its star. Designated Vargis Tau I (VT-1), the planet orbits its primary every seven days. Zebulon (VT-2) is a rare binary planet consisting of two worlds, Zebulon Prime and Zebulon Beta.

Zebulon Beta, the home of nearly the entirety of Vargis Tau’s population, orbits a common, space-borne center of gravity with its larger sister, Zebulon Prime. The Vargis Tau system is also home to three unremarkable gas giants, designated VT-3, VT-4 and VT-5. The system has no inner asteroid field, but does have a small, under-populated Kuiper Belt.