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NukeHavoc is one of the Blackrazor Gaming Group's long-running GMs and an occasional player. He's currently running the group's Shadows of the Force Campaign. He's also the group's primary web monkey, and is responsible for the creation of this wiki. You can reach him via email a

Player Characters

Shadows of the Force

  • Zulen Tek (Arkanian Offshoot, Scoundrel 4/Jedi 3) Zulen is a former Arkanian slave, one who was trained for a variety of mechanical tasks including weapons, computers, and starship maintenance. He escaped from his master during a trip outside of the Perave System, and has been working odd engineering jobs ever since. He has also demonstrated an impressive (if unstable) mastery of the Force.

The Mandalorian Interlude

  • Krul of Clan Olan (Feeorin, Soldier 4/Scout 4) is a brutal, hulking Feeorin filled with rage for the destruction of his village by the Jedi Master Feln (who was not only a Jedi Master, but also the Exalted leader of the Feerions)