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The Unified Force Academy on Zebulon Beta is one of the many small, independent jedi academies dispersed across the galaxy. The academy largely teaches a view of the Force which poses that there is no light or dark side to the Force – only the Unifying Force.

The Unified Force tenants maintain that the Force itself does not have sides or take sides. Moreover, the Force doesn’t flow from living beings, but rather through them. One of the hotly debated sticking points of this philosophy is, given this last position, whether the Force is created by life or the other way around.

Also, as a consequence of this flow-and-tide vision of the Force, Unified Force adherents tend to focus on the flow of time and the fulfillment of destiny, and visions of the future are treated with particular importance.

The Citadel of Kal-Jor

The Citadel of Kal-Jor is named for the Jedi master who discovered it a century a half ago, and subsequently founded the academy on Zebulon Beta. He went missing on the Prime 100 years ago, and subsequent search and rescue were unable to locate him.

The Citadel is a great stone fortress built by the ancient Zubolians. The central fortress, which rises above the surrounding grasslands like a series of spears thrusting from the ground, is part of a larger complex that covers approximately 20 acres. Great pillars jut from the ground at irregular intervals, yet the overall sense is of a pattern, barely perceived.

Jedi and padawan quarters are located within the citadel, as are its dining areas, common rooms, and library. The Great Hall serves as meeting space for the assembled academy, but most classes take place either on the grounds or in one of the smaller satellite buildings.


The Citadel is home to five Jedi Masters, twenty Jedi Knights, and approximately 35 padawans, as well as an equal number of younglings.

Jedi Masters

  • Jedi Master Queil, headmaster and sole surviving founder of the academy
  • Jedi Master Ren Denobis, Jedi activist, urges a more outgoing role for Jedi in the Galaxy
  • Jedi Master Edan Photona, philosopher-knight who advises his students to be mindful of the Living Force.
  • Jedi Mistress Phaenia, master of technology.
  • Jedi Master Qillon Kree, a Gand master of diplomacy and dual lightsaber techniques.

Jedi Knights

  • Jedi Knight Lornn Varri, field exercises instructor
  • Jedi Knight Ylona Eveningstar, meditation instructor
  • Jedi Knight Xarno of Clan Bumu, battlemaster and lightsaber instructor


  • Rade Gasa, male human jedi 3
  • Quest Fios, male Jedi 3
  • Rann Nassin, male Mirluka jedi 3


  • JPD-14 (Jedi Practice Droid 14), droid soldier 3