Uncovering the Ring

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  • In-Game Date: -
  • Real World Date: 12/04/2009

The Crawl

Episode 7, Chapter 2:

Uncovering the Ring

The recently Knighted Jedi of the Unified Force Academy have received a plea of assistance from one time ally Naru. Naru, padawan learner to Jedi Master Kineska Almara, is concerned because he has not heard from his Master in a few weeks. The jedi contract Binary Transports, Inc. to take them to Paquallis III to meet the padawan. Upon arrival the Jedi seek out young Naru, who informs them that he can find no sign of his master other than her ship.

However, while investigating the ship the Jedi sense something amiss with the young padawan. With that he leaps off the building into the Skyway! The Jedi follow him to a warehouse where they are attacked by guards using illegal implants. After defeating the guards, they find Naru also has an implant. Disabling it, they discover that the padawan had been brainwashed by the implant. The investigation continues...

Chapter Summary

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