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  • Real World Date: 8/20/10
  • In-Game Date:

The Crawl

SKIRMISHES IN THE OUTER RIM CONTINUE! The MANDALORIANS continue to advance winning battle after battle. Their next target is the Ojoster Spacestation. A Republic station during the Great Sith War, the station is now run by an alliance of security forces from the Ojoster Sector.

Clan Olan has been tasked with boarding the station. Their mission is to secure much needed medical supplies for the war effort. In the hangar of Madalore's Hammer they prepare their boarding vessel...

Chapter Summary


As the cannons of Mandalore's Hammer begin to echo through the ship, Ferrro d'Olan finalizes his pre-flight check. Meanwhile the rest of his boarding team confirm the flight path, and optimize the ship. Just as they finish, they receive the green light. The torpedo like boarding vessel is off, rocketing towards the spacestation. As they watch their progress out the windows, a shocking realization comes to them. Their flight path will take them directly in front of the stations defensive cannons.

Navigating the Station

Jetpack Express

Experience & Rewards

None available.