Tolvis Maltern

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The charismatic leader of an anti-technology cult on the planet of Maltern’s Folly, Tolvis is grandson of the colony’s founder, Dolan Maltern. He is the planet’s spiritual leader, a shaman who piously proclaims that while his grandfather might have come to the island looking for material riches, what his followers have found is something much more valuable: spiritual wealth.

He promotes the Obsidian Way, a philosophy revealed to him by the elemental spirits of Vodan. The Vodan explain that it is only through austerity, and a willingness to push oneself to the absolute breaking point, that true clarity of purpose can be found.

He and his followers, which number about four hundred, lived in a cliff town known as Uplift in the side of the island’s largest (and apparently dormant) volcano. While his followers remain there, he died in a fight with Jedi padawans who'd travelled to the planet with their master to negotiate a settlement between Maltern's followers and new arrivals to the world.