To Buy a Dream

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  • Real World Date: 5/2/2009
  • In-Game Date: 26 Kelona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 4, Chapter 2:

To Buy a Dream

The Aeon Harrier, returning from its recent mission to Maltern’s Folly on the Outer Rim, has been forced to divert to the Ghost Walk Cluster because of a faltering hyperdrive. After barely making it to The Haunt, a shadowport carved into an icy moon within the ancient and remote cluster of red giant stars, the crew of the Harrier were able to find the parts they needed … but found themselves compelled to become debt collectors in order to secure them. Worse yet, they discovered that their location had been reported to the DeadStar, a salvage ship whom they’d recently jumped a claim on … and that members of that ship’s crew had just arrived in system looking for some pay back.

After rushed repairs to the Harriers systems failed, the crew was forced to limp to another system in the Ghost Walk Cluster: a Jedi monastery located within the massive asteroid belt known as the Rock Garden. With the assistance of the Jedi training droid JPD-14, they were able to convince the Jedi to give them shelter and access to the tools they needed to get the Harrier flying again.

Meanwhile, back on Maltern’s Folly the Jedi Master Qillion Kree and his young padawans are dealing with the remnants of the Obsidian Way cult…

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards