The Wreck of the Starworm

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  • Real World Date: 2/13/09
  • In-Game Date: 14-18 Kelona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 3, Chapter 1:

The Wreck of the Starworm

Chapter Summary

The crew of the Aeon Harrier is hired to salvage a remote processor from a derelict Sith droidship left over from the Great Sith War. They jump to the coordinates of the wreck, chase off some other would-be salvagers in hacked-together junk starfighters known as "Sith Uglies" and then hunt through the debris field of an ancient battle to find their prey.

They board the hulk and destroy the handful of active droids they find there and recover the processor. Before they can leave though, the Sith uglies return along with their mothership: the DeadStar, a deep space salvage vessel (and rumored shipjacker) operating out of Taris.

The captain of the DeadStar demands that the Harrier surrender and turn over their find to a boarding party. Part of the Jedi contingent, in the form of Rann Nassin and JPD-14, urge the crew of the Harrier to stand their ground and fend off the DeadStar’s thugs, but the captain and his crew have none of it.

Instead, the captain orders Highlife to plot an emergency hyperspace jump allowing the ship to escape the DeadStar and (thanks to the skill of her pilot) to make it back to Zebulon Beta in one piece.

Experience & Rewards