The Strike on Ord Biniir

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The Crawl

Warriors on the fly! The canyon-etched world of Ord Biniir is home to Ubrikkian Steamworks' defunct Devastator War Droid facility. All but idle since the Devastator line was deemed military grade by the Republic, the facility is ripe for capture by the Mandalorians ... all the more so because of the other raw material processing and ordinance manufacturing facilities on the planet.

The Mandalorins want the Steamworks facility to provide parts for their Basilisk war droids and, once refitted, the droids themselves.

The facility is located deep in the Deathwind Canyon. It is guarded by an assortment of Steamwork battle droids in anticipation of lobbying efforts convincing the Republic to allow the company to resume production.

The Mandalorians of Clan Olan have been called upon to penetrate the facility, disable the shield generators and seize control of the facility’s command center.