The Showdown in Jolus

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  • Real World Date: 10/24/2008
  • In-Game Date: 22 Enola, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 1, Chapter 2:

Showdown in Jolus

Danger lurks in the space ways! Striking from their hidden bases on the jungle world of Zebulon Prime, pirate have been praying on ships throughout the Vargis Tau System. Vessels traveling between the Prime and its sister world of Zebulon Beta have been struck repeatedly, leading to loss of life and property.

Rumors suggest that the Jedi sent one of their best knights, assisted by two padawans and a training droid, to investigate. The small force crippled a pirate bas and learned the identity of a vile traitor passing shipping and cargo data to the pirates before returning home.

That traitor – Torg Shepherdson – is now on the run. And everyone – the government, the pirates, the Jedi – wants to find him. But who will find him first?

Chapter Summary

Pirate Attack!

The chapter opened with the Aeon Harrier coming under attack by another ship form the same pirate band that the padawans tangled with the week before. The ships were more evenly matched than in our earlier engagement, with the attacking pirate vessel – the Obsidian Phoenix – having better shields and an identical weapons to the player’s ship. As a result, while the heroes did get off a good shot against the enemy, it wasn’t a critical, and it barely damaged their opponent. The fight ended with a draw as Highlife chose to withdraw from the battle and flee for Zebulon Beta.

Tracking Torg

In Chapter I, our padawan heroes uncovered a pirate base on Zebulon Prime and all but destroyed it. They also discovered the identity of a traitor: Torg Shepherdson, the assistant portmaster of the Jolus starport on Zebulon Beta.

Torg went to ground after news of the Jedi raid on the pirate base became public knowledge, and two of the padawans – Rade Gasa and Quest Fios – were charged with tracking him down.

They ended up running into Highlife and Shim’kworr at a cantina called the Durosian Gremlin, exchanged their tales of piracy, and decided to team up to track down Torg.

Once revealed by Highlife, Torg surrendered. The heroes took him outside, intent on taking him to the constable’s office where he could be formally arrested.

The Scarbrother Gang

That’s when they ran into the Scarbrother Gang, a would-be swoop gang that apparently had designs on both the Jedi and their prisoner. A firefight broke out as the gang members started shooting stun blasts at the heroes.

As the Jedi maneuvered to counter that threat, a shot rang out from one of the buildings. A red burst of energy streaked down from one of the buildings, targeting Torg, but Rade was able to use his lightning fast reflexes (and a Destiny point, in keeping with his “Rescue” destiny) to absorb the shot. It badly wounded the Jedi, but it would have killed Torg outright.

The shot was fired by a sniper on the roof. At first, the heroes thought this sniper was just another member of the gang, which led to the Wookie firing off his jetback and flying up to the roof to engage him. Bad move; the sniper was in fact a bounty hunter charged with taking down Torg and capturing the Jedi.

It was more than the Wookie could handle, as a single shot from the bounty hunter’s heavy blaster rifle was enough to take him down. Highlife attempted to help his friend by jumping on to a speeder bike and crashing it into the bounty hunter, but it wasn’t enough to take the villain down.

The Jedi were more successful in foiling the bounty hunter’s efforts. In addition to Rade jumping in front of his heavy laser blast, Quest Fios deflected not one, but two stun bolts. Frustrated, with the Jedi closing in on him and the Scarbrother goons having been force slammed into submission on the streets below, the bounty hunter used his own jetpack to escape from the scene.

The padawans and their allies won the day, and they were able to turn their prisoner over to the constable. He in turn revealed the identity of the bounty hunter Koth. One of padawans’ Jedi Master teachers also came into town after the battle, taking charge of the situation and praising them for their good work.

Experience & Rewards

  • XP: 400 each