The Pursuit of Knowledge

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  • Game Date: -
  • Real World Date: 8/28/09

The Crawl

Episode 8, Chapter 2:

The Pursuit of Knowledge

In a desperate attempt to preserve Jedi teachings recovered from the famed Great Library of Ossus before its destruction at the hands of the Sith, Jedi Knight Quest Fios has led the intrepid crew of Binary Transports, Inc. to the Roche System to come to the aid of historian Fresc Dican.

After nearly being pulverized in the heavy asteroid fields of the Roche system, the Infinite Regress put in for repairs at Nickel One, the capital asteroid of the Roche system. They soon learned that Fresc Dican and his valuable cargo had been kidnapped by the bounty hunter Hanordrae Hnryabal who fled the system in his ship, The Despoiler. With repairs on the Infinite Regress nearly complete, the Jedi of the Unified Force Academy and the crew of Binary Transports plan their next move...

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards