The Lost Padawan

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  • Real World Date: 11/27/2015
  • In-Game Date: TBD

The Crawl

Episode 12, Prologue

The Lost Padawan'

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

The galaxy is at war. The Mandalorians have shattered the Republic's Outer Rim defenses. The worlds of Taris, Serroco, Eres, Dennogra, and many more have fallen. The armored warriors' three pronged invasion now threatens the inner core of the Republic.

Meanwhile, on the planet Thurn II, a small group of padawans waits for rescue. A backwater planet off the main hyperspace routes, Thurn II was best known as a wilderness retreat with extreme weather where people went to test themselves against the elements. The Mandalorians, always eager to try their mettle against new challenges, attacked.

After conquering the planet's sole notable settlement of Jensons Lee, they hunted down the Jedi Grepka Boslin at her secluded temple out on the broken plains of the planet's super contintent. While their Jedi Master bought them time with her life, the padawans escaped. Somehow they broadcast a distress call and then went to ground.

The tramp freighter *Balanced Recursion* heard the call. Part of Binary Transports' "mercy fleet", the ship has been seeking out Jedi survivors of the Mandalorian invasion, going where the Republic and Jedi ships can't (or won't) go.

The *Recursion* is now approaching Thurn II, hoping to find the padawans before the Mandalorians do...

Chapter Summary

landed at the main settlement. Talked with air traffic controller, gave him some pie. Talked with the quartermaster, found field suplies were running low. Spoke with Neocrusaders who bragged their boss had killed the Jedi Master. Jedi used his mind powers to identify location of only one other Force User on the planet. Telepathically told him help was coming -- the response was "go away" Also deteched a slowly faiding peaceful presence from the jedi temple. Scouts decided to retreat back to the shuttle, then flew back up to space, down around the darkside, and entered the canyon system. After deftly flying through it (no help from the wolfman), they land. The jedi has a vision of the temple in which he sees the robes of the fallen Jedi master nailed to the stone walls with pitons. He also catches glimpses of Mandalorians on patrol.

Then he catches a final glimpse of the wayward force presence and sees its hideout -- a cave in the canyon wall about 30 feet of the ground. He sees Mandalorian helmets lined up on a crude stone shelf and knows that things have gone very, very baldy here.

They find the padawan's lair, with the four-armed alien investigating. As he does so he discovered the self-same shelf and a room filled with the litter of field rations and a sleeping bag. Then he hears the distinctive sound of a lightsaber igniting outside.

he runs to the cave mouth in time to see a ragged-looking Bothan emerge from a side canyon passage and attack the scout and Jedi below. The alien tries shooting the attacker, but he deflty deflects the shot with his lightsaber. He then closes with his fellow Bothan, lashing out with the Force to hurl him and the wolfman at the canyo wall.

Stumbling to his feet, the Jedi diplomat tries to explain that he's here to save the kid, but the boy refuses to listen saying he's not worthy (the Jedi Master died to save him while staying true to his vision of non-violence; the boy stayed alive by forsaking that and killing his attackers).

The Jedi tried again to convince him there was a way back to the light, but his words only enraged the padawan. At first the scouts tried to use stun weapons to drop the Bothan teenager, but when the padawan struck down their Jedi ally, they knew there was no hope. Switching their weapons to regular blaster fire they were able to quickly overwhelm the teenager. The Jedi padawan died, guilt and rage filling his heart.

The scouts recovered their unconscious friend and the body of the padawan, then returned to their shuttle.

Experience & Rewards

  • XP: 400 each