The Lost Padawan

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  • Real World Date: 11/27/2015
  • In-Game Date: TBD

The Crawl

Episode 12, Prologue

The Lost Padawan'

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

The galaxy is at war. The Mandalorians have shattered the Republic's Outer Rim defenses. The worlds of Taris, Serroco, Eres, Dennogra, and many more have fallen. The armored warriors' three pronged invasion now threatens the inner core of the Republic.

Meanwhile, on the planet Thurn II, a small group of padawans waits for rescue. A backwater planet off the main hyperspace routes, Thurn II was best known as a wilderness retreat with extreme weather where people went to test themselves against the elements. The Mandalorians, always eager to try their mettle against new challenges, attacked.

After conquering the planet's sole notable settlement of Jensons Lee, they hunted down the Jedi Grepka Boslin at her secluded temple out on the broken plains of the planet's super contintent. While their Jedi Master bought them time with her life, the padawans escaped. Somehow they broadcast a distress call and then went to ground.

The tramp freighter *Balanced Recursion* heard the call. Part of Binary Transports' "mercy fleet", the ship has been seeking out Jedi survivors of the Mandalorian invasion, going where the Republic and Jedi ships can't (or won't) go.

The *Recursion* is now approaching Thurn II, hoping to find the padawans before the Mandalorians do...

Chapter Summary