The Lingering Twilight

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  • Real World Date: 11/7/2008
  • In-Game Date: 23 Enola, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 1, Chapter 3:

The Lingering Twilight

Pirates threaten the Vargis Tau System! A band of pirates has taken up residence on the Prime, one of the twin worlds of the Zebulon system. Transports and freighters from its sister world of Zebulon Beta have been easy prey for the piratical scum thanks to the traitor, Torg Shepherdson, the former assistant portmaster at Beta’s capital city of Jolus.

After being found and taken into custody by padawans from the local Jedi Academy, the traitor was nearly killed in an ambush by members of the Scarbrother Swoop Bike Gang. With help from the crew of the Aeon Harrier, the Jedi apprentices defeated the Scarbrothers, as well as the truth threat to Shepherdson: a Zabrakian bounty hunter named Koth.

Believed to have been hired by the pirates to kill or capture Shepherdson, Koth fired a single, laser bolt at the traitor only to have it blocked by the Jedi Rade Gasa. When the Jedi and their new allies turned to pursue him, the bounty hunter jetted away.

Meanwhile, on Zebulon Prime Jedi Knight Lornn Varri and the padawan Rann Nassin, along with a contingent of planetary militia, storm the pirate base.

They arrive to find it stripped clean of all useful materials and the freighter Grey Lurker abandoned in its hanger. Unfortunately for the investigation, the ship’s data stores had been removed or wiped, leaving no further leads...

Chapter Summary

Conversation with a Pirate

After a street fight with the Scarbrothers Swoop Bike Gang, and learning the identity of the pirate traitor (former assistant portmaster Torg Shepherdson), the heroes decide to interrogate the pirates the captured on Zebulon Prime at the ruined shrine base. They are chagrined to learn that while the pirates know that one or two other bases exist on the planet, they do not know where these bases are located.

Interrogating the Scarbrothers — Gob and Ax Brokennose — is more useful. While they to know nothing about the location of the bases, they grudgingly admit that their boss — gang leader Boris Ledfoot – is the gang’s contact with the pirates. They explain that Boris isn’t in town though; he and the rest of the gang have left to attend the Nightside Rally.

The Rally is a cross-country swoop bike race held in Draco Badlands, a stretch of torturous terrain and plateaus carved from the plains by an ancient river, and now prone to landslides and flash floods. The Nightside Rally takes place during The Darkness, the 75-hour long night that falls on Zebulon Beta every two months. Half Burning Man, half NASCAR race, the Rally has one hard and fast rule: no starships. Everyone must arrive on speeder or swoop bike.

Crossing the Great Plain of Soros

With the interogations complete, the Jedi padawans as well as Highlife and Zulen Tek rent a speeder bike and a landspeeder from Starrior Expeditions, and then head out for the Nightside Rally. Their three day journey takes them across the expansive grasslands of the Great Plain of Soros. The trip proves to be too much for the landspeeder, which breaks down. Highlife and Zulen immediately begin repairs, but their efforts are interrupted by three Sorosian lizards who are intent on consuming the stranded heroes.

While the pilot and mechanc focus on getting the landspeeder working again, their Jedi companions Quest Fios, Rade Gasa and their tutor, training droid JPD-14, fend off the attacking reptiles. The battle finished and the landspeeder fixed, the heroes head off to the rally.

The Nightside Rally

The heroes arived at the Rally as night was about to begin. They quickly set about trying to find the Scarbrothers, visiting festival’s gambling den, and then its primary drinking den. At the former they were able to learn what the odds of the race were (the Scarbrothers and a Rodian racing team known as the Bile-Rippers were the heavy favorites), while at the latter they learned where the Scarbrothers had set up camp.

Arriving at said camp, the heroes encountered a disagreeable, brutish Scarbrother named Traq, who was quick to try and turn them away. But after fast talking by Rade Gasa, he reluctantly agreed to take them to see gang leader Boris Ledfoot. Ledfoot turned out to be an arrogant, boisterous fellow who had no bad feelings toward the Jedi; he explained he was just doing a job. In turn, Rade argued that working with a pirate lord was an inherently untenable situation, and that he would be better to turn on the pirate and tell them what he knew.

Boris, being something of a gambler, decided that if one of the heroes could beat him in the Nightside Rally, he would switch sides and tell the heroes what he knew.

That night, before the race, Highlife and Zulen Tek put down a small wager on the race, and then entered Highlife as their contestant. With advice from the Jedi and a few swoop bike tweaks by Zulen, Highlife roared to the starting line at Dragon’s Tail Trench. As predicted, Boris and the Bile-ripper biker were his most significant opponents, but with luck and skill he as able to beat them and win the race.

True to his word, Boris Ledfoot told the heroes what they needed to know: that the main pirate basis was located on Zebulon Prime, at a place known as the Emerald Cliffs. The leader of the pirates was known as Ral Duris, and he was advised by a woman the pirates called the Dark Lady Aldera. He also confided that this “Dark Lady” was believed to be a Force witch, and had been seen wielding a lightsaber.

Experience & Rewards

  • Experience: 375 per character (all characters hit level 2)