The Junkard of Kala'uun

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  • Real World Date: 6/12/2009
  • In-Game Date: 5 Selona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 5, Chapter 2:

The Junkard of Kala'uun

The Infinite Regress has arrived on Ryloth in search of much needed parts, including a new navicomputer and laser cannons. Always in need of paying customers, its owners -- Binary Transports, Inc. -- agreed to transport Jedi Knight Lornn Varri and his padawans to the homeworld of the Twi'leks on a mission of their own.

That mission? Use the alien artifact known as the Holocron of Zend to track down the Sith who fled Zebulon Prime. The cryptic device has revealed that contrary to popular believe, the Zebian aliens did achieve starflight -- possibly during the Great Hyperspace War -- and established a number of research facilities throughout the Outer Rim. The Sith used the holocron to learn more about these facilities, and as the Infinite Regress approached Ryloth, the device revealed that the Sith had, in fact, been here. Their destination was the Spires of Xax, located deep within the planet's sunward zone.

The crew of the Infinite Regress succeeded in finding a navicomputer, the parts need to assemble an astromech droid, and two double laser batteries. Meanwhile, Jedi Knight Lornn Varri and his padawans Rade Gasa and Rann Nassin have been seeking out transport into the sun-blasted wilds...

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards