The Haunt

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The Haunt is a shadowport carved into the barely-habitable ice moon of Bor Nik Tros IV. The primary of the Bor Nik Tros system is an orange giant with a molted tangerine and crimson surface. The fourth planet is a gas giant that’s fallen in close to the star, causing the ice on the moon the melt. The melt has yielded a barely breathable atmosphere as microorganisms trapped in the ice quickly multiplied.

The Haunt isn’t a particularly good shadowport; it doesn’t see a lot of traffic, and thus, doesn’t have much trade. It has the following traits:

  • Parts Availability: Poor (cost limit 1,000; parts available for unmodified licensed vehicles).
  • Docking Bay Security: Poor (price per day: 10; entrances require DC 10 mechanics check to bypass; an attendant (nonheroic 2) is on duty during the day).
  • Refueling Facilities: Poor (Roll 1d20 each day; on a roll of 1-10, fuel is unavailable, the cost is 75 credits per kilogram).

It’s home to about 150 individuals, and includes a number of small shops/stalls operating in a sort of “open air market” in the main cavern. These shops sell weapons (including restricted and a handful of military grade items), armor, and computer equipment. It’s a poor man’s black market, and occasionally useful one to those who find it.

The Haunt is also home to The Black Ice, a dive bar in which all the tables and furniture has been carved from ice. It’s a brutal place, and freezing cold, but popular with the locals for the obvious reason of selling alcohol. Hits of other, stronger drugs – namely spice and deathsticks – can also be found here, but only once ever 2d6 days. The crew of the DeadStar have been known to frequent the Black Ice when in system.


• Knowledge: Galactic Lore: DC 29 • Use Computer (Astrogation): DC 26