The Ghost Walk

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  • Real World Date: 4/17/2009
  • In-Game Date: 22 Kelona, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 4, Chapter 1:

The Ghost Walk

Victory on Maltern’s Folly! Our heroes have defeated the would-be warlord Tolvis Maltern, leader of the Obsidian Way cult. In a daring assault on an underwater mining facility, the Jedi and their allies defeated the Quarren Protectorate guards who'd seized the complex. They freed Jedi Master Qillon Kree, who had become trapped in one of the facility's barrack domes. Returning to the surface, they found that the Quarren had fallen back to their starship, the K'tar, left the planet, and jumped to hyperspace, destination unknown.

On the surface, the grateful entrepreneur Lozek Otmorr rewarded the heroes with 2,000 credits each for a job well done. Aboard the Aeon Harrier, Shim’kworr and Zulen Tek, working for 24 hours non-stop, were able to get the ship spaceworthy again, but only just.

As a favor to Lozek, Jedi Master Kree has agreed to stay on to help deal with the remnants of Maltern’s Darkside cult and help smooth over relations with the isolationists remaining at their stronghold city of Uplift. Knowing that the crew of the Aeon Harrier is eager to return to Zebulon to bid in a starship auction a mere two weeks away, Kree has released his padawans to return home.

Chapter Summary

Experience & Rewards