The Evacuation of Zebulon Beta, Part 2

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Episode 10, Chapter 3 The Evacuation of Zebulon Beta, Part 2

Panic on Zebulon Beta! The Mandalorian invasion fleet is mere days from the Vargis Tau star system, and refugees on the star system’s primary settlement are desperate to escape to the relative safety of the sector capitol of Taris. A Republic task force under the command of Commodore Dar Stazi has arrived to help with the evacuation, but there are too many people, and too few starships.

Sensing an opportunity for profit, the Assembly moved into the system. A group of greedy Neimiodians, the Assembly seeks to extract maximum advantage from unfortunate circumstances. On Zebulon Beta, cutthroat Assemblyman Hath Gunray offered high priced tickets offworld … and to ensure they maximized their profits they hired a street gang to intimidate the competition.

But the crew of Binary Transports and their Jedi Knight ally Quest Fios were not about to stand for this, and began to take steps to undermine Gunray’s operation, steps that have led them to the brink of an armed confrontation with the Nemedion in the conference room of his Assembly shuttle at Jolus Starport.

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 11/26/2010
  • Star Wars Date: 3,963 BBY