The Evacuation of Zebulon Beta, Part 1

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Episode 10, Chapter 2
The Evacuation of Zebulon Beta

The collapse is at hand. The Republic Navy’s defensive line protecting the Taris Sector has been smashed by the Mandalorians. Admiral Jimas Veltraa has ordered all surviving warships to withdraw to the sector capitol of Taris, as well as the evacuation of all of the outlying colony worlds.

Task Force Relentless, led by Commodore Dar Stazi, has recently arrived in the Vargis Tau system to find the colony world of Zebulon Beta overrun with refuges from neighboring star systems. Many of those now squatting in Jolus City came in starships incapable outrunning the Mandalorians. As a result, too many people are fighting for too few starships… and tensions are running high.

The local governor and the planetary militia are hard-pressed to maintain order as locals vie with refuges for resources, leading the Unified Force Academy to dispatch knights and padawans to help maintain order.

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 11/19/2010
  • Star Wars Date: 3,963 BBY

Upon his return to Zebulon Beta following the Battle of Ord Brokell, Quest Fios was called before the Unified Force Academy council. He was JUST able to justify to the council his actions on Ord Brokell (with the assistance of his Padawan). However, the council leader was upset with the council's leanency and stepped down. Quest's former master Qillion Kree was promoted as the new council leader. His first act is to promote the padawan to jedi knight.

Meanwhile, Zebulon Beta is prepping for evacuation. As BT makes preparation Whiskey shows up saying the the Bile Rippers (Rodain gang we beat in the nightside rally way back in episode 1) are shaking down all the starship owners telling them not to book any passengers. Highlife, pissed that someone's pulling this crap on his planet at a time of need, gathers up a BT security team (Baden plus a few nameless crew) and sets off to talk to Chido (Rodian Info broker, gave us the Starworm mission). Our new associate Lanigiro, who had been hanging around BT overseeing a new BlasTech shipment, decided to tag along.

As they are about to leave Zulen stops Highlife and informs him that work on installation of the new Hyperdrive is underway. Highlife, shocked, reminds Zulen that they are prepping for evacuation and that he shouldn't be working on a new hyperdrive he should be disassembling all the BT equipment and prepping it for transport. Zulen states there will be plenty of time for both... he thinks. Highlife tells him he doesn't have time for this, to get it done. With that the security team leaves for the Derosian Gremlin.

With the impending Mandalorian invasion Jolus is busier than ever. The security team, far to concerned with the mission at hand, doesn't notice it but there are a few oddities. There are several herds of Ithorians, and a Nemodian with a battle droid contingent. Lanigiro notices this and asks around. He finds out that the Nemodians are here offering offworld transport... but at a high cost. Seems people are trading them all their possessions for a seat... and in some cases even signing contracts for a 10 year work contract.

In another part of the city, Quest Fios is wandering the streets. He notices the herds of Ithorians and decides to question what they are doing here in Jolus. However, he can't find any that speak basic. He decides to start shopping for a translator... or maybe a protocol droid.

The security team arrives at the Derosian Gremlin and finds Chido. He tries to small talk with Highlife who brings up the Starworm incident and tells Chido they need to know what the Bile Rippers are up to now. Seems they recently beat the Scarbrothers and became the top gang in town. Since then they've been causing trouble and threating anyone offering offworld transport. Lanigiro puts the info together and figures out the Nemodians must be using the Bile Rippers to make themselves the only business in town. Chido then convinces Highlife to provide him passage offworld, and the security team makes their way out of the city looking for the Scarbrothers.

Back at the BT complex Zulen informs Highlife that the Hyperdrive is installed. It doesn't work yet... but it's in. He says he knows a few guys who could help, and that maybe they would work for a ride off-world. Highlife agrees, and tells Zulen to get it done.

The security team is joined by Quest Fios. He informs them that he was trying to talk with the Itorians with no luck. Highlife gives him a quizzical look and says not only does BT have a protocol droid, they have an Ithorian on staff. They could have helped. However at the moment they have to go find the scar brothers. After bringing Quest up to speed he joins the security team as they head out of the city looking for the Scarbrothers.

It doesn't take long to find the camp. There they find the bruised and battered Scarbrothers licking their wounds. They are stopped by a guard when first entering camp, but suspicion turns to cheers when Highlife reveals his identity. They are quickly taken to Boris Ledfoot, who is laid up with a broken leg. He and Highlife go back and forth for a bit, then Highlife asks Boris if he'd like a little revenge on the Bile Rippers? Boris agrees but informs them he's out-gunned. Lanigiro says he can even the odds (which he does by requisitioning some "sales samples" from BlasTech). The party then devises a plan of attack, using info Highlife recives from the Republic, on the warehouse the Bile Rippers are using as a base of operations. Highlife also has his Republic contact set up a meeting with the Nemodians simultaneous to the attack planned for the following day. They also stop by all their local business partners to gather support against the Nemoidians.

The next morning Highlife, Lanigiro, Baden, and Quest head out in their best clothing for the meeting with the Nemoidians. Before they can leave they are stopped at the gate by a flood of people. Seems Chido let word slip that BT is providing him transport. Highlife talks to Zulen about modifying one of the transports to include life support. Zulen is confident he can do it... if only for a one way trip. Highlife then approves the sale of tickets at the going rate (500 credits). The team then makes their way to the Nemoidian ship.

At the ship they are met by a few of their business partners. They then enter the ship, though not before hiding a few weapons amongst themselves. Meeting with the Nemoidian leader, they try to appeal to a greater sense of need. The Nemoidian doesn't seem to care, keeps talking about everything being legal, and how they will leave when they are done making money. The team then tries to threaten him, showing him the attack on the Bile Rippers. The nemoidian pretends to not care about the rodians, and laughs at the threats. Having enough, the team looks at each other, each obviously giving a "should we attack" look...