The Evacuation of Zebulon Beta, Part 1

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Episode 10, Chapter 2
The Evacuation of Zebulon Beta

The collapse is at hand. The Republic Navy’s defensive line protecting the Taris Sector has been smashed by the Mandalorians. Admiral Jimas Veltraa has ordered all surviving warships to withdraw to the sector capitol of Taris, as well as the evacuation of all of the outlying colony worlds.

Task Force Relentless, led by Commodore Dar Stazi, has recently arrived in the Vargis Tau system to find the colony world of Zebulon Beta overrun with refuges from neighboring star systems. Many of those now squatting in Jolus City came in starships incapable outrunning the Mandalorians. As a result, too many people are fighting for too few starships… and tensions are running high.

The local governor and the planetary militia are hard-pressed to maintain order as locals vie with refuges for resources, leading the Unified Force Academy to dispatch knights and padawans to help maintain order.

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 11/19/2010
  • Star Wars Date: 3,964 BBY