The End of Light

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Episode 10, Chapter 5
The End of Light

Two months ago, Quest Fios and the Jedi of the Unified Force Academy, working alongside Binary Transports, helped delay the Mandalorian invasion of Ord Brokell. They subsequently saw their own home – Zebulon Beta – forced to evacuate, with the civilians going to Taris, and most of the Jedi relocating to Dantooine.

Most, but not all. A few, including the rebellious Jedi Knight Quest Fios, choose to escort the refuges to Taris. Once there they spent a short time resting before getting caught up in planetary politics: a shipment of BlasTech weapons meant for the planetary militia was stolen by a gang known as the Red Vulkars. The BlasTech agent Lanigiro was tasked with tracking them down and, if possible, recovering them. He was aided in this by Binary Transport security officer Fyor as well as Quest Fios and his new padawan, the Ithorian Iiluum Saldith.

Unknown to all the Lightenders, Mandalorian bounty hunters operating in Republic space, were on Taris and eager to capture the Jedi who’d helped cause so much destruction at Ord Brokell. Using an enslaved Sith force witch as a hound, they tracked Quest Fios into the Lower City. While Quest and his allies dealt with the Red Vulkars, the Lightenders sprang an ambush. Their attempt to capture him nearly succeeded, but the Jedi and his padawan were able to escape.

Now the Jedi is preparing to flee off world. The presence of the Sith hound has him anxious and desperately in need of support from his Jedi brethren...

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 1/8/2011
  • Star Wars Date: 3,964 BBY