The Corpse of Victory, Part 4: The DeadStar Resurgence

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Episode 10, Chapter 9
The Corpse of Victory, Part 4: The DeadStar Resurgence

The DeadStar Resurgent! For two years someone has been selling Republic military hardware on the black market. Republic Naval Intelligence, working with BlasTech Corporation, traced the weapons to the wreckage of the Victory task force in the Outer Rim. The taskforce – comprised of a cruiser, two frigates and a half-dozen escort destroyers -- was smashed by Mandalorian raiders during the Battle of Xarlat Nebula. Unknown agents were stripping the turbolasers, proton torpedoes and other hardware from the ships.

Intent on shutting down this stream of black market weapons, BlasTech operative Lanigiro assembled a team of freelancers and traveled to the Xarlat system. There, amid the planetary nebula surrounding the dying red giant, they found agents of DeadStar Salvage hard at work stripping down the corpse of the Victory. They also discovered that the grey market salvagers-turned-pirates are using some of those parts to restore the Defender – one of the Republic frigates – to operational status.

Careful examination of the ruins of the task force revealed that the DeadStars had men aboard the Defender’s sistership -- the Valiant – attempting to salvage a turbolaser. The heroes infiltrated the Valiant, subdued the salvage team, and then took their place around the now-uninstalled turbolaser.

They’re now spacewalking their way through the void alongside the turbolaser as it makes its way to the Defender. Time is of the essence: radio traffic among the pirates has revealed that the Wraith – apparently a salvage frigate belonging to DeadStar Salvage – is en route.

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: TBA
  • Star Wars Date: 3,964 BBY