The Corpse of Victory, Part 2: The Battle of Bor Nik Tros IV

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Episode 10, Chapter 8
The Corpse of Victory, Part 2: The Battle of Bor Nik Tros IV

Pirates on Bor Nik Tros IV! The heroes of Binary Transports and their Jedi allies have been dispatched to the shadowport known as the Haunt to purchase a black market turbolaser from the Snivvian arms dealer Dezzen. Their bid is contested by Grovogg the Hutt, who wants the military weapon for his space yacht.

Unknown to both factions, a band of pirates has decided to steal the turbolaser while the Hutt met with Dezzen. Their plan was interrupted by the investigation of Chiss Jedi Knight Maddox, who caught the pirates breaking into the arms dealer’s warehouse. The heroes quickly joined the knight, and attempted to prevent the pirates from escaping with the turbolaser.

They almost succeeded. After a pitched battle, the pirates’ oversized T1 labor droid loaded the weapon onto their waiting starship, which had blown a hole in the side of warehouse’s ice wall. Before they could make good their escape though, Maddox and corporate agent Lanigiro boarded the vessel.

Now the pirate vessel is flying away from the Haunt, diving in to the broken, icy rings of Bor Nik Tros IV in an attempt to lose their pursuers, Aeon Harrier (aka the Space Guppy). Meanwhile Grovogg’s howls to make his space yacht space ready can be heard throughout the shadowport...

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 2/11/2011
  • Star Wars Date: 3,964 BBY