The Corpse of Victory, Part 1: Haunted

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Episode 10, Chapter 6
The Corpse of Victory, Part 1: Haunted

Ambush on Taris! While recovering about the Infinite Regress after a pitched battle with Mandalorian mercenaries, the crew of Binary Transports and their Jedi allies were stunned when an explosion ripped through the vessel. As smoke filled the starship the heroes found they were under attack by the self-same mercenaries!

In the pitched battle that followed, Jedi Knight Quest Fios and his ally, Zulen Tek, were able to defeat the Sith force witch working with the mercenaries. The rest of the invaders chose to withdraw after corporate agent Lanigiro turned the main guns of a Jedi starfighter on the Regress. In the aftermath of the fight, the Regress has been badly damaged and is barely space worthy.

Quest Fios, concerned about the appearance of this new Force witch, has chosen to fly to Dantooine to meet with the Jedi Council there. Meanwhile Binary Transports and their allies, intent to get as far away from the turmoil of Taris as possible, have withdrawn to its hidden space station in the Oldrin Reaches of Ord Mantell.

Their rest and repairs are soon interrupted a few days later as the station’s secure comlink beeps to announce an incoming message from the Republic Fleet…

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 1/28/2011
  • Star Wars Date: 3,964 BBY