The Burning of Lenk

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Provocation on Tarl! The Mandalorians have conquered an proto-empire in the Outer Rim but while entire star systems have fallen to them, their greatest adversaries – the Jedi – have refused to fight them. Now the veterans of Clan Olan are on the storm world of Tarl seeking to steal an ancient Force artifact and provoke a response from Icarus Ordin, the Jedi Master sworn to protect it.

The artifact resides in a Jedi temple in the plateau city of Lenk; lesser Mandalorians launched their own assault on the city but were destroyed by the mega-hurricane that surrounds the city. A few braver souls launched an all out attack on the hurricane’s eye, only to be torn apart by the great Storm Dragons of Tarl.

Clan Olan also choose direct confrontation, but faired better, defeating four of the beasts when they created – and then ignited – a massive cloud of dropship fuel. The explosion slew the dragons, but sent the ship crashing into the hurricane wall and forcing it to land in the alien forest below the storm. There they were challenged by a band of Tarl-gar, the natives of the planet whom they defeated in battle. Their leaders slain, the awed Tarl-gar agreed to guide the Mandalorians through the jungle to their ravine-riders, crude ships designed to right the white water rapids of the River Tulmak.

They did so, and now stand at the base of Lenk’s towering plateau. Above them flames rise from the city’s dragon aviaries, which Clan Olan ordered destroyed in a planetary bombardment by the Mandalorian frigates in geostationary orbit. Now they must make their way to the Jedi Temple, secure the artifact, and force a confrontation five years in the making.