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(The Adventure)
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===The Adventure===
===The Adventure===
* Real World Date: 10/29/2010
* Real World Date: 10/29/2010
* Star Wars Date: 3,964 BBY
* Star Wars Date: 3,963 BBY

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Episode 10, Chapter 2
The Broken Line

It is a desperate time for the Republic. The defensive line that was supposed to protect the Taris Sector from invasion has failed. The Mandalorians have broken through conquering many of Taris’ support worlds, and forcing Admiral Jimas Veltraa to recall all available forces to the final defensive position around Taris.

The armored invaders suffered a momentary setback with retired General Erl Wyvron’s spirited defense of the Ord Brokell secture, but it too has fallen. Now a haphazard fleet of Republic heavy transports and converted civilian star freighters is making its way toward Vargis Tau, where it will evacuate the colonists of Zebulon Beta. They are protected by a handful of Republic frigates and starfighters that are outgunned and outmatched by the Mandalorians rampaging through Republic space.

Now word has come to the task force’s leader, Commodore Dar Stazi, aboard his flagship Relentless, that the heavy freighter Yanshi has experienced a hyperdrive failure, and fallen away from the rest of the fleet. Worse yet, Mandalorian raiders have reported in the area, and will make short work of the unarmed vessel if it doesn’t get back under way soon…

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 10/29/2010
  • Star Wars Date: 3,963 BBY