The Boomer Debris Field

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A forgotten engagement between Republic forces and some unknown fleet – perhaps pirate, perhaps alien, perhaps something else entirely – took place in the null point between the blue giant Anteholo and the near-Main Sequence star Boron in the Ghost Walk Cluster. A huge asteroid field, consisting of asteroids and comets torn from each star’s Oort Cloud, floats here. The starships from that long ago fight were reduced to debris long ago (and those few that weren’t were stripped of any valuable gear by the Deadstar). What does remain, however, are thousands of mines scattered amongst the rocks.

Navigating the asteroid field is difficult (DC 20 Piloting Check; failure indicates a collision with a mine, which does 2d10x2). Success by less than 5 means that the mine has been avoided, but is now magnetically attracted to the ship, and being drawn closer to it. Once so engaged, the pilot can make a DC 10 piloting check to shake the mine; if they fail the mine makes an attack roll at +10 against Reflex to hit. Each round, the DC of the piloting check increases by 2, as does the attack roll of the mine. It’s possible to “sling shot” the mine at an opponent by making a DC 25 Piloting check.

If successful, the mine switches its target to the enemy ship, following the same rules as above.

Still, the Boomer Debris Field is a useful, if dangerous, place to hide.


  • Knowledge: Physical Sciences: DC 29
  • Use Computer (Astrogation): DC 26