The BlasTech Job

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Episode 10, Chapter 4
The BlasTech Job

Turmoil on Taris! As the Republic defensive line reforms in orbit around Taris, the city-planet is in chaos. The murder of five Jedi padawans by one of their own – a darksider named Zayne Carrick – as well as the near-constant swoop bike gang warfare led Lohan Industries to leave the planet. With them went millions of jobs for Lower City dwellers, leaving them with no livelihoods and little hope.

Now with invasion looming large, the commoners are rioting. In an effort to surpress them, the planet’s elite have taken to deputizing mercenaries, bounty hunters and other scum, equipping them with newly-arrived BlasTech weaponry purchased for civil defense. Now one of those shipments has gone missing, and the planet’s ranking BlasTech field officer has been tasked with recovering it.

The Adventure

  • Real World Date: 12/10/2010
  • Star Wars Date: 3,964 BBY