The Assembly

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The Assembly is a confederation of opportunistic, profit-taking Neimoidians who travel from star system to star system looking to extract the maximum advantage from unfortunate circumstances. For the last decade or so they’ve grown wealthy in the Mandalorian Conflict Zone. As the Mandalorians conquered – or threatened to conquer – unaligned worlds, the Assembly would sweep in on starships offering safe transport, weapons or whatever other essentials the locals wanted … always at exorbitant prices.

They’ve assembled a fleet of four heavily armed and armored capital ships:

They also have a number of smaller freighters and armored shuttles that transport goods and people from nearby planets to the capital ships.

It is not a perfect union; all four captains constantly vie for dominance within the organization, but rarely come to blows. Instead, each tries to outdo the other with ever more grandiose schemes and profit-making ventures. Each usually skirts the grey areas of the law, often coming up with perfectly legal – and perfectly despicable – contracts for their “business partners”. They’re not above selling entire clans into indentured servitude if they think there’s a profit in it. At the same time, they’re never confident enough in their own schemes to keep things entirely legitimate. They often rely on local “help” – typically local thugs – to bolster their position and “encourage” customers.

The two most ruthless (and effective) captains are Hath Gunray and Daltray Haako; their rivalry spans back to the beginning of the Assembly at the end of the Great Sith War. Each has been on top of the organization a half-dozen times; currently Gunray is the dominant player.