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The hurricane world of Tarl is located on the fringes of the Outer Rim Territories, long removed from Republic influence through a combination of distance and extreme environmental conditions. Found in the system of the same name, the world's double suns create plentiful source of energy for its moisture-rich atmosphere, causing a never ending series of storms, and giving rise to a single stable "mega hurricane" in its southern hemisphere that the locals call the Great Dragon.

At the center of this massive storm is the plateau city of Lenk, created by the near-humans who simply call themselves the Tarl-gar (or people of Tarl) and an ancient Jedi temple administered by the Jedi Master Icarus Olderan and his retinue of padawans. Legends say the master protects an ancient and powerful Force artifact, an artifact they would die to protect.

The Tarl-gar are a near-human species with deep-red skin, orange eyes and a talent for seeing in low-light conditions. They are also excellent hunters and survivalists, and managed to tame the planet's draconic reptiles. These creatures, known as storm dragons, were used extensively as mounts -- the smaller creatures were trained on patrols of the rain forests beneath the great hurricane while the larger ones flew in the eye of the storm, defending the city from unwanted visitors.

Tarl served as a proving ground for Mandalorian battle strategy against the Jedi during the opening years of the Mandalorian Wars. During the Outer Rim Offensive the Mandalorians were enraged to find that the Jedi --potentially they're greatest enemies -- refused to fight them. They decided to see what it would take to force a Jedi into conflict by sending a battle group under the command of Clan Olan to attack the Jedi Temple in Lenk and seize the force artifact.

The temple was guarded by the human Jedi Master Icarus Orden, a dedicated pacifist who had sworn to protect the artifact, and his former padawans ithorian Jedi Knight Ool Mudon and human Jedi Knight Erdan. They were joined by Flynn Zilar, a troubled Jedi Knight whose temper led his former master -- the Ithorian Jedi Master Luumaw Taanfaar -- to encourage him to spend time in contemplation on Tarl to avoid falling to the dark side.

He failed. When the Mandalorians stormed the Jedi Temple and incinerated the padawans within, Flynn flew into a rage and attacked the invaders. Even Ool Mudon, usually as stoic as a mountain, was moved to action when the invaders called down an indiscriminate turbolaser barrage of the city. Only Icarus Orden stayed true to his vows ... and it cost him the city. Flynn was slain in the fighting, which saw the Mandalorians secure the Eye of the Dragon and withdraw from the planet.

Removal of the Eye caused the mega-hurricane to become unstable. It drifted over the city of Lenk, obliterating the buildings that hadn't been burned by the Mandalorian orbital strikes. The storm made several orbits of the planet before disappointing, wiping out the Tarl-gar civilization in the process. All that remains now are a handful of tribes scattered in settlements around the world.


Tarl is an dangerous world, filled with terrible storms, dangerous wildlife, and hostile sentients.

Hazard CR 10: Hurricane Exposure


Trigger: Caught in the mega-hurricane.

Attack: +12 vs. Fortitude Defense Damage: 2d6 and a random piece of equipment stops functioning. Roll 1d12:

  • 1-2 Helmet: All sensors go offline.
  • 2-6 Armor: The armor is compromised in someway (flooded, short-circuited, etc.) Lose all bonuses to Reflex and Fortitude Defense.
  • 7-10 Weapon: One weapon stops working
  • 11-12 Misc. Gear: Some other piece of gear – a comlink, utility belt, etc. stops working.

Recurrence: Hourly


  • Mechanics (DC 28): You’re able to jury rig the piece of gear into working again, but it functions with a -1 penalty until you can get to a proper repair shop.
  • Knowledge (Physical Sciences) or Knowledge (Technology) (DC 18): You’re able to harden your hardware against the environmental effects, granting a +2 bonus to Fortitude Defense. Failure means you gave the incorrect advice, and the victim takes -2 to their Fortitude Defense until you have time to repair your mistake.

Hazard CR 8: Wind Gust


Trigger: Caught in the mega-hurricane.

Attack: +10 vs. Reflex Defense

Damage: 2d8 and knocked prone.

Recurrence: Every 1d6+1 rounds during exposed combat


  • Acrobatics (DC 23): You sense the gathering wind, and roll with the surge. +2 to your Reflex Defense.
  • Strength check (DC 18): The gust hits, but you manage to grab on to a nearby tree. +2 to Reflex Defense.

Hazard CR 8: Lightning Strike


Trigger: Caught in the mega-hurricane.

Attack: +10 vs. Reflex Defense

Damage: 2d12

Recurrence: Every 2d6+1 rounds during exposed combat


  • Knowledge (Physical Sciences) or Survival (DC 18): You use your knowledge of weather patterns and experience in the wilderness to advise your colleagues on how to avoid the lightning. This advice yields a +2 bonus to Reflex defense.

Skill Challenges

Surviving a Tarl mega storm

Navigating the horrific winds of the hurricanes of Tarl is difficult. It requires expert piloting skills to ride the winds, first-rate mechanics skills to repair in flight damage, and a hell of a lot of luck.

Concept: Survive the hurricane and safely reach the surface of the plant.

Challenge Rating: 8

Complexity: 2 (8 successes before 3 failures

Challenge Effects: Degenerating. On a failure, all DCs become one step harder. When all DCs become “hard” the challenge ends.

Suggested Skills: The following are primary skills for this skill challenge.

  • Pilot (Easy/DC 18): You successfully ride the winds, avoid the thunderclouds and skirt the vortexes, bringing the ship one step closer to landing safely.
  • Perception (Moderate/DC 28): Your razor-sharp eye sight reveals a towering super-cell ahead of you roiling with lightning. Alternatively, your excellent hearing picks up the tell-tale signs of the storm’s rain and hail intensifying. You’re able to avoid the danger area.
  • Knowledge (Physical Sciences) (Medium/DC 23) or Computer Use (Moderate/DC 28): You use your superior knowledge of lesser storms to create a micro forecast and avoid the most dangerous areas of the storm.
  • Mechanics (DC 23): You bolster the ship’s shields and/or inertial dampeners allowing you to ride through a particularly difficult part of the storm.

Success: The ship lands safely at the intended destination.

Failure: The ship crashes far off course into one of the planet’s rain forests.