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Gender/Species: Male Human
Homeworld: Zebulon Beta
Class/Level: Nonheroic 4 / Scoundrel 3
Role: Pilot for Binary Transports, Inc.

A farmboy from Zebulon Beta, Tango always longed for more out of life. He got quite a bit more than he bargained for when he decided to take a job with Binary Transports, Inc. Originally Tango was hired as an assistant to company CEO Highlife. There he served as the co-pilot for the Infinite Regress as well as general crew. Of course, what he didn't realize was all the trouble Binary Transports got themselves into.

Tango proved his worth over several months, so when Binary Transports needed a pilot for a second ship he was the obvious choice. Of course that second ship, the newly fixed Aeon Harrier, was being used as bait to lure in and defeat once and for all the Pirates of Zebulon. However, not only was Tango able to expertly pilot the Harrier during the battle, he along with gunner Charlie, were able to cause significant damage to the pirate fleet.

As a reward for his service Tango was promoted to captain of Binary Transports third ship, the Cloudskimmer.