Tales of the Balanced Recursion

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During the later portion of the Mandalorian Wars shipping company Binary Transports, Inc. dedicates part of their fleet solely to humanitarian missions. This "mercy fleet" as it was dubbed by some, goes where rebublic can and dare not go. It supports evacuations, provides rescues behind enemy lines, or brings supplies to war torn areas.

One of these ships, also the largest of the BT fleet, is partially funded through the corporation's long standing partnership with the Jedi order. The order asked only that this ship prioritize missions to save Jedi personnel and assets. It's name: the Balanced Recursion.

These are it's voyages...

Current Status

In progress!


The heroes are members of "Green Squad", one of the Balanced Recursions two security teams.



  • AJ-88 (Damon) - Droid Scoundrel

Character Creation

  • Player Characters are created using the standard character creation rules from the core rulebook using 25 points to purchase their abilities.
  • The only restriction is no dark side characters.