Starrior Expeditions

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Starrior Expeditions Corp., based on Zebulon Beta specializes in offering exploration and logistical support operations in the Vargis Tau System, and Zebulon Prime in particular. It runs regular shuttles carrying explorers, big game hunters, miners, and lumberjacks to the planet, as well as supplies to support their activities. It offers other in-system services as well, including flights to the mining platforms operating within Vargis Tau's gas giants.

Korinth Cloudskimmer, captain of the Ruby Raptor was one of the corporation's founders, but died along with his Trandoshan first mate Tusserk when their ship was destroyed during a battle with the pirate lord Ral Duris, a battle which fellow Zebulon-based corporation Binary Transports Inc. also took part in. In honor of Korinth's sacrifice, Binary Transports named one of their freighters the Cloudskimmer.