Shadows of the Force Primer

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Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

Bounty Hunters

  • Koth: Zabrak bounty hunter.
  • Morgwa, the Roar of Ithor: an Ithorian bounty hunter specializing for non-lethal takedowns. Known associate of Koth.
  • Neeida: a Rodian quickdraw artist. Known associate of Koth.
  • Lord Koro Lirin: Owner of The Pursuit, and an amateur bounty hunter.
  • Lightenders: An elite bounty hunter squad closely associated with the Mandalorians and highly skilled at hunting Force users.


Force Users

Unified Force Academy
Other Jedi
  • Dark Lady Aldera, a Sith conducting research on Zebulon Prime, formerly allied with the pirates of that world, one of the leaders of the Sith Ascendancy, a Dark Side knowledge cult.
  • Darth Noblis, the leader of the Sith Ascendancy, a Dark Side knowledge cult.


  • Tyrric of Clan Gargon: Cold, calculating clan leader
  • Marrax of Clan Gargon: Master tactician
  • Rydo of Clan Gargon: Ruthless war leader



  • Boris Ledfoot: Leader of the Scarbrother Swoop Bike Gang in Jolus.
  • Chido: the go-to guy for information and news on Jolus.
  • Dezzen: A Snivvian weapons dealer who operates out of a number of shadowports, including The Haunt and Port Nadir
  • Greemla the Hutt: Crime lord specializing in smuggling, located on Nar Shaddaa.
  • Grovagg the Hutt: A Hutt notorious for his role in the Outer Rim slave trade.
  • Ral Duris: Pirate Lord, leader of the pirates of Zebulon before their defeat by the Unified Force Academy padawans. Deceased.
  • Shifty: Black market specialist on Nar Shaddaa
  • Torg Sheperdson: the assistant portmaster of Jolus, until he was discovered as an informant for the Pirates of Zebulon.
  • Tolvis Maltern: the charismatic leader of an anti-technology cult the Obsidian Way on the planet of Maltern’s Folly.
  • Zaxor: An arrogant but talented slicer believed to be based out of Taris

Other NPCs






Mandalorian Clans





Capital Ships

Transports & Freighters

Destroyed Vessels


  • Sith Uglies: a generic term for leftover Sith starfighters which have been salvaged and returned to use by several organizations throughout the galaxy.

Stellar Cartography

Mid-Rim Systems

  • Ord Mantell: An ordinance world popular with Corellians, located in the Bright Jewel Cluster. It was located near Anobis in the Mid Rim.

Outer Rim Systems

Outer Fringe Systems

Outer Fringe Systems will eventually become part of the Republic in later eras. During the KOTOR era, they are independent, frontier systems only loosely aligned with the Republic. Many are conquered during the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars and become part of their short-lived empire.

  • Maltern’s Folly, Voulk System: A remote Outer Rim planet home to a once lost, now-found colony of humans.
  • Ghost Walk Cluster: The Ghost Walk Cluster is a remote Outer Rim cluster known for two things: is stunningly beautiful nebula remnants and the weak gravitational variations caused by interactions between the ancient stars that compose the cluster.
    • The Shrouds: The shrouds are the ghostly remains of supernova explosions, the lead edge of shock waves created by the death of the oldest stars in the cluster These thin shrouds give the cluster its name and are largely unoccupied save for gas mining vessels up rare metals from the husks.
    • Calek System: Home of the Deep Dream Mining Company. The Calek system’s primary is a blue giant; the swollen star devoured most of the inner planets of its star system, but its gas giants and white dwarf companion Calek II survived.
    • The Burning Veil: The Dulsar System‘s namesake star is undergoing violent out-gassing that’s destroyed most of the planetary bodies in its system, and created a thin outer veil of relatively cool plasma.
    • The Boomer Debris Field: A forgotten engagement between Republic forces and some unknown fleet – perhaps pirate, perhaps alien, perhaps something else entirely – took place in the null point between the blue giant Anteholo and the near-Main Sequence star Boron. All that remains are wrecks, asteroids and a haphazard mine field.
    • The Haunt: The Haunt is a shadowport carved into the barely-habitable ice moon of Bor Nik Tros IV. The primary of the Bor Nik Tros system is an orange giant with a molted tangerine and crimson surface.
    • Rock Garden of Qualis: The Rock Garden is an immense asteroid field orbiting the white dwarf Qualis. It is home to the a Jedi monastery known as the Monastery of Celestial Balance, or more simply, the Rock Garden.

Mandalorian Space

  • Ord Brokell II, Ord Brokell System: A former Republic ordinance depot that became a manufactoring hub for BlasTech Industries. It was conquered by the Mandalorians in the early days of the Mandalorian Wars
  • Xarlat Nebula: A planetary nebula surrounding the dying red giant Talrax A and its white dwarf companion star, Talrax B. The system is not far from Yavin, now deep in Mandalorian space. The site of the Battle of Xarlat, which saw the Victory task force destroyed by Mandalorian raiders during the False War.