Shadows of the Force Campaign

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This campaign is the Blackrazor Gaming Group’s first Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic campaign. It bega in the waning years of the Restoration period; the Great Sith War that opens the KOTOR era was 35 years in the past and the Mandalorian Wars wee still about six years in the future. The Jedi Civil War, as chronicled in the KOTOR video games, lies several more years in the future.

The campaign began with Episode 1: Dawn on Zebulon, taking place on the binary planet of Zebulon in the Vargis Tau System. Zebulon consists of two sub-planets, the large jungle world of Zebulon Prime and the smaller, savannah-dominated world of Zebulon Beta.

The player characters hailed from two distinctly different backgrounds: half the group are padawans from the Unified Force Academy, a Jedi academy on Zebulon Beta, while the other are crewmates from the Aeon Harrier, a freighter based in the Vargis Tau system. As the campaign openes our heroes discovered a band of pirates operating on the Prime and preying on starship traffic to and from Zebulon Beta. As the campaign progressed, they discover the pirates are in league with elements of the long-vanquished Sith.

After a year and a half of adventuring, the “crew” contingent formed Binary Transports, Inc., a transportation and freight company based out of Zebulon Beta, while the Jedi padawans were knighted. Together they smashed pirate fleet led by Ral Duris, and then fought the resurgent Sith cult they came to know as the Sith Ascendancy. They also tangled with a ring of cybernetic thieves. Looming large over everything were the Mandalorian Wars, the first hints of which were already being seen on the fringes of the Outer Rim in the form of the False War.

We then jumped the campaign forward five years. The Mandalorian rouse has been revealed for what it was: a test of the Republic defenses. The defensive line surrounding Taris has collapsed, and the Republic fleet has fallen back to that world in order to make one final desperate defense.

War has come to the Republic once more.

Current Status

On Hiatus.




  • Padawan Rann Nassin, male Mirluka jedi 4 (formally Bob's PC)
  • JCD-14 (Jedi Command Droid 14), droid soldier 3 / Independent Droid 1 (Nate)
  • Shim’kworr, male Wookie Soldier 7 (Brendan)
  • Hoolau, male Ithorian Soldier 3/Scoundrel 4 (Marty)
  • Snaggletooth, male Cathar Soldier 7 (George)

Character Creation

  • Player Characters are created using the standard character creation rules from the core rulebook using 25 points to purchase their abilities.
  • The only restriction is no dark side characters.


It's been 25 years since the Great Sith War, but the Galaxy is still rebuilding from the devastation.



  • Zebulon Beta: home planet of most of the heroes, and the center of the Shadows of the Force campaign.