Rock Garden of Qualis

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The Rock Garden is an immense asteroid field orbiting the white dwarf Qualis in the [G[host Walk Cluster]]. It is home to the a Jedi monastery known as the Monastery of Celestial Balance, or more simply, the Rock Garden.

The Jedi here are masters of the telekinetic arts, and use their powers to ever so subtly influence the orbits of the great asteroid belt. The greatest masters of the Order are said to be able to move moons … and hold the orbits of 100,000 meteors in their mind’s eye.

The Monastery of Celestial Balance is located within a hollowed out asteroid deep in the heart of the Rock Garden. It maintains rudimentary docking and repair facilities as typically its only visitors are other Jedi who are skilled enough to navigate the super-dense asteroid field.

The one-mile wide, four-mile long asteroid relies on a steady spin to generate a ¾ standard gravity field. Inside, the asteroid has a pleasant atmosphere, with temperatures consistently in the 70s. An artificial sun at the bow of the asteroid provides a constant yellow sun that most species find comfortable, “rising” and “setting” in near-standard 23 hour intervals.

The monastery is home to the human Jedi Master Linren Valsh. A serene, peaceful master, Linren has attracted an eclectic group of followers known as the Gardners – some force adepts, some force disciples, some even traditional Jedi knights. His most trusted student is Jonn Jer.

All told, there are 14 Jedi in the monastery, but they are not the only ones here. The Force has called to others as well, leading them across the vast expanses of space to the Rock Garden. Some are Force sensitive; others are ordinary people who received an unexpected calling. All told, these people number about 300. Known as the Keepers, they live simple, full-filling lives within the asteroid's sloping walls, tending to the fields, animals and intricate rock, flower and water gardens that dot its landscape.