Riding the Great Dragon

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The Crawl

Assault on the storm planet! The hurricane world of Tarl is located on the fringes of the Outer Rim Territories, long removed from Republic influence through a combination of distance and extreme environmental conditions. The world's double suns create plentiful source of energy for its moisture-rich atmosphere, causing a never ending series of storms, and giving rise to a single stable "mega hurricane" in its southern hemisphere that the locals call the Great Dragon.

At the center of this massive storm is the plateau city of Lenk, created by the near-humans who simply call themselves the Tarl-gar (or people of Tarl) and an ancient Jedi temple administered by the Jedi Master Icarus Olderan and his retinue of padawans. Legends say the master protects an ancient and powerful Force artifact, an artifact they would die to protect.

And die they will. The Outer Territories War has succeeded in claiming a large new realm for the Mandalorians, but time and again the region’s greatest defenders -- the Jedi -- have refused to engage. The question is ... can they be provoked into a response? A small fleet of Mandalorians has been dispatched to Tarl to get the answer by launching an all-out assault on Lenk, seize the artifact, and destroy the Jedi Temple.

It will not be easy. The veterans of Clan Olan watched in grim satisfaction as the over-eager and under-prepared neocrusader vanguard saw their shuttles ripped apart by the mega-hurricane's winds or attempted to drop into the relative calm of the hurricane's eye only to be ripped to shreds by the "storm dragons" the Tarl-gar used to patrol their skies.

Now the time has come to show how true warriors face the challenges of Tarl…