Rev Selrok

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Rev Selrok

Gender/Species: Male Shistavanen
Homeworld: Uvena Prime
Class/Level: Category:Scout 1
Role: Category:Scout
Player: NukeHavoc

Rev is a "wolfman" -- an isolationist Fringer race who rarely leave their homeworld of Uvena Prime. Like most members of his species, he's aggressive and brutally honest. Unlike them though, he's taken an interest in the larger galaxy. He's learned an important lesson from the massacre at Cathar: his people are not immune to the war in the larger galaxy. If the Mandalorians come to the fringe, even the Shistavanen aggressive impulses and expert survival skills won't save them from the armored warriors.

As such, he's taken it upon himself to beat some sense into the galaxy, pointing out the flaws in their pacifist logic and helping to fight the good fight against the Mandalorians wherever possible.

Rev heard rumors about Binary Transport's involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, particularly their involvement with the Zebulon Beta. It seemed like a corporation who was taking the threat of the Mandalorians seriously, with connections to make a difference in the war if necessary. When he saw a position open for a field scout, he signed on.

Stat Block

Skills:' Climb +5, Endurance +5, Initiative +3 (can re-roll but must take the second result), Perception +11, Pilot +5, Ride +3, Stealth +8, Survival +6