Ral Duris

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Ral Duris was the leader of the Pirates of the Burning Claw. Also known as the Pirates of Zebulon, they were a band of pirates operating from secret bases on Zebulon Prime, part of the Zebulon binary planet in the Vargis Tau System of the Outer Rim.

Not much is known about the pirate lord; he was never been seen on Zebulon Beta, and law enforcement only learned about him by interrogating a handful of his captured followers. It’s known that his pirate fleet was comprised of three starships and a handful of starfighters. Some say that one of his trusted advisors was a force-wielding witch known as the Dark Lady Aldera, a Sith sorcerer who was part of the Sith Ascendency knowledge cult.

The pirate lord was killed in a starship battle with Binary Transports, Inc., Starrior Expeditions, and the Jedi of the Unified Force Academy that saw his entire fleet destroyed.