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Gender/Species: Droid (3rd-degree)
Homeworld: Zebulon Beta
Class/Level: Nonheroic 2
Role: Protocol droid and accountant for Binary Transports, Inc.

RGE-3 is a Cerka Corporation GE3 Protocol Droid. His original owner and purpose was wiped from his mind long ago, so how he came to be owned by the Pirates of Zebulon is unknown. When he was found, the pirates had tried to hack a astronavigation module with marginal success. This is likely what caused his depressed demeanor.

He was acquired by Binary Transports, Inc. when they purchased the pirate ship the Grey Lurker. Since then Zulen Tek has fixed the damage caused by the pirates, installed a accounting module (properly), ... and completely rebuilt RGE-3 after he was destroyed during a mission. Since then Binary Transports tends to leave him at their corporate office.


See page 83 of the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide for stats.