Prime Encounter

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  • Real World Date: 1/16/2009
  • In-Game Date: 29 Enola, 3,971 BBY

The Crawl

Episode 1, Chapter 6:

Prime Encounter

The Emerald Cliffs loom large! The Jedi and their allies from the Aeon Harrier have tracked the Pirates of Vargis Tau to their cliff-side base at the edge of the Zend Forest on Zebulon Prime. There they battled a Sith apprentice of the Dark Lady Aldera, ally of the pirate lord Ral Duris, at the opening to a ravine leading to the cliffs.

After defeating the apprentice, they received word from their teacher, Jedi Knight Lornn Varri, who advised them to withdraw until he could arrive at the cliffs with a contingent of planetary militia.

Chapter Summary

The heroes attack the pirate base at the Emerald Cliffs, ultimately capturing a pirate freighter, destroying facility and finding some sort of ancient alien holocron.

Experience & Rewards